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My name is Richard Carpenter and I am an artist, sometimes the starving kind. In 1990 I decided to leave the hectic fast past life of Southern California and move to Idaho to take care of my Dad. I needed to make some money but the nearest town was 22 miles away and all the jobs that were available paid minimum wage. I decided to try using my childhood artistic talents to make a living. I am inspired by my surroundings and use many of the natural elements as a medium for my work. I use antler which are shed every year from moose, deer and elk. I also carve in vegetable ivory, soap stone cow, sheep, and goat horn and occasional in ivory.

This is a picture of my workshop showcasing one of my latest endeavor's. I personally gathered, washed and wove "pine needles" to make this life size bear.


My wife April and I enjoy this area of the country and are determined to carve out a living doing what we love. We have a small shop called "Mountain Magic" on Highway 93 by the Salmon river and are now exposing ourselves to the world of the Internet. Feel free to browse the pages of items I have or you can e-mail me if you have a special request. Feel free to e-mail if you see anything you like.

Richard Carpenter, 148 Antelope Dr., Salmon, ID. 83467

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