Friday February 24, 2012 Report - The 11th full report for the 2011 / 2012 year.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012 - 19:30 PM minor update to last (Feb 24) full ski report: Go to for this and to see added info from the last two weeks and additional XC Ski links.
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Planned Trips:
1. Sunday 03/11/2012. Turn your clock ahead to MDT. Meet at the Shoup Bridge Campground at
11:00 MDT. I think the meadows will be crusty so I'm planning to ski in the trees somewhere. Possibly the unmarked "Horse-Log Trails".

Click on the on-line version of this report (see above), or the Previous Ski Trip Reports or on my main XC Ski page for more information. /s/ Cliff

Minor Update to last (Feb 24) ski report on Thursday, March 01, 2012 18:35 PM: Go to for this and to see added info from last week.
Those that have text only email will do better going to the online version.

Planned Trips:
1. Saturday 03/03/2012. Meet at the Stagecoach Inn Motel Parking lot at 10:00 AM for a ski trip to the Chief Joseph Pass area. Those from the Bitterroot can meet us at the Chief Joe Parking lot at 11:00 AM. We are tentatively planning to ski out the Anderson Mtn Road a ways with some folks probably skiing the Richardson Creek Trail. The Anderson Mtn road is suitable for all but first day skiers, so if you want to ski out and back you'll be back about the same time as the folks that ski Richardson Ridge.

1a. The Lost Trail Ski Patrol Steak Fry is listed as starting at 4:00 PM. (I'd not plan on eating quite that soon.). Anyway if you plan to attend, bring your own vehicle. Click Here for details.


1. Click Here for info and a thank you from the lady that had to spend the night on the Scooter Trail. See links in last weeks report.

2. Lou Binik is a member of our group and makes his living sewing outdoor wear. Click Here for a neat interview and some local pictures (some of you are in them).

3. Last week I listed links about the raw deal the Forest Service dealt to the Bitterroot XC Club. Click Here for info from the Forest Service.

4. Click Here for pictures of patterns that a guy made by walking in the snow. Some folks think he may have cheated and "photoshopped" the picture. It's neat to look at - at any rate. Thanks for forwarding this Anita.

5. The Iditarod Race starts Saturday with a ceremonial start, with the official race starting on Sunday. I have a we page that I'll be working on with links to information about this race. Go to:

6. The Sawtooth Ski Festival is this weekend in Stanley. Click Here for details and for conditions at Park Creek and Alturas Lake.

Snow Conditions:

We now have adequate snow on all our trails. Generally the snow has been good. Those that like to tele ski some of the steeper open meadows need to be aware that with the hotter sun, a "sun crust" can quickly develop. Skiing on the shady side of a trail can be helpful. Click Here for the section of my XC Ski site that has links to both Chief Joseph and William's Cr. snow and weather. Check the link to the Bitterroot XC Club's Facebook site. They have some neat pictures. Check out the Missoula Nordic Links. Lake Como is now finally reported as very good skiing. Click Here for a link about the area.

Lost Trail reported 6" of new this morning and I estimated that William's Cr. Summit got a similar amount since last Sunday.

Click on the web version for more details from last week and additional links.
/s/ Cliff

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Cross Country Skiers:

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I will likely add some minor updates (on-line) next week.
The 1st through 10th reports for the 2011/2012 year are saved at through (Archived reports end in 1201.htm, 1202.htm, 1203.htm etc.)

Added local XC Ski info is available at my main Salmon XC Ski Page at:

Planned Trips:

CHANGED PLANS: We were going to ski the Cabinet Cr. Trail at Chief Joe, but due to the heavy snowfall and resulting difficult trail breaking we've cancelled that trip.

1. Sunday 02/26/2012. Meet at the Shoup Bridge Campground 5 miles south of town at 10:30 for a trip somewhere up William's Creek. There's been well over a foot of new snow on the higher trails so I'm thinking that this might be a good time to ski the Shoshone Meadows Trail. However I will have an option for those that don't want to ski this steep telemark trail. We might also want to ski the "Blindfold Meadows Trail".

2. I'll probably plan to make at least one midweek ski. Give me a call at 756-2085 or 303-1041 if interested.

3. Rather than schedule the Cabinet Cr. Trail at this time, I'll wait to see what snow and weather conditions are like. Stay tuned for next weeks report.

Snow Conditions:

I just updated my trip reports page. Go to for the reports. I lost my notes and don't have everyone's name for some days. (I use 1st names only.) Please let me know of needed corrections. Send me any reports that you'd like to see posted. I hope to have them updated this evening.

1. William's Creek Trail System:
The report is easy. There is now lots of snow and all trails are skiable (Unless the snowmobiles have trashed the top of the William's Cr. Trail and the North Moccasin Trail again.)
I use the Lemhi Ridge Snotel as a guide for snow depths and it showed 19" of 1 hour increases since last Monday night. Some of these "increases are just depth sensor fluctuations, so I'd guess the actual snowfall was closer to 16" and this should be fairly close to that received at the Meadow Trailhead and higher. There will be less at Cougar Point. I had a report of knee high new snow at the Meadow TH. Currently all trails will need trail breaking. There were two graders working yesterday, and they will plow today, but not on the weekend. I expect that some of the trailhead parking areas may not get completely plowed until Monday. (They don't plow on the weekend.)

Click Here for a description of the Trailheads, Click Here for "Trail Segment" mileages and descriptions, and Click Here for my modification of the FS Trail descriptions.
Click Here for my on-line copy of the Trail map (minus the Mukluk and Upper Shoshoni Trails).

Our "Snow Shadow" is improving somewhat. .This morning the Lemhi Ridge Snotel was 80.5% of normal although Morgan Cr Summit was only 69.9% of normal, still the lowest in the Salmon River Basin. Conversely the Saddle Mtn. Snotel (near the top of the Lost Trail Chair-lifts) is the third highest in the Salmon River Basin at 95.3% of normal.

2. Chief Joseph Pass Conditions: Tuesday and Wednesday the area received a massive dump. This week the Saddle Mtn. Snotel receive 32" of 1 hour increases and since Lost trail reported 37" of new snow I think that most areas got at least 30" of new snow. The snow will settle so that the total snow depth won't reflect this however.

2a CJ Groomed Trails: CLICK HERE and click on the Chief Joseph link and see the last several reports. There also will probably be an update after they finish grooming today. Also check the Como Trails and Mt. Haggin reports for possible skate ski opportunities. Per my trip reports Mt. Haggin was fantastic last Saturday.

2b. Chief Joseph Area "Ungroomed Trails":  Most trails will require much trail breaking. I expect that the Anderson Mountain Road will be skied by someone tomorrow. Click here to see any weather updates for Lost Trail Pass. Click Here for the latest avalanche conditions. Also see the links in the Other News section:

3. Skate Ski opportunities: See # 2a above. CLICK HERE for Stanley & Sun Valley Areas including Galena Lodge, and Harriman Trail (Click the "++More++" on the bottom to expand the initial display.). Also Click Here for more Stanley info. Note that the Sawtooth Ski Festival will be March 3 and 4.

4. CLICK HERE for added links for Chief Joseph and William's Creek Snow and Weather Conditions.

Other News:

1. I'd like to congratulate the Odd Fellows' Bakery again. Of all the businesses, including the Bitterroot and Missoula they were the third place business for sales of the Bitterroot XC Ski Club EXTRAVAGANZA tickets. Unfortunately nobody from Salmon won - maybe next year.

2. I often talk about safety when skiing the more remote trails. Check out my trip report for our trip on the Scooter Trail. We heard about some skiers that hadn't given themselves enough time and we skiing a trail that was too advanced for at least one skiers ability. We saw the fire pit where they spent the night. Click Here and Click Here for news reports of this situation.

3. Some of you have heard about the raw deal that the Forest Service (via the USDA Ethics folks) dealt to the Bitterroot XC Ski Club. Click Here and Click Here for details. You might also want to click on the "Discussion" links to see how others feel about this.

/s/ Cliff

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Lost Trail Ski Area



Here's a link to a site that describes the TEN ESSENTIALS to carry on the trail. He's added a few additional items:

* Possible Ski Related News:

  The Outdoors Sections of the Missoulian and the Ravalli Republic on-line newspapers often have articles of interest.
  CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Missoulian On-Line. Check out the latest Outdoors News Briefs.
* CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Ravalli Republic.
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* Here's the NEW WEST SNOWBLOG which may have local skiing info from time to time.
** Click here for wintertime articles by a local reporter.

 CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Boise Idaho Statesman  * or Click Here for Winter Recreation only.

** Check out the Idaho Summit's Idaho Outdoors Message Forum for some good trip reports.

** Another good site is the Telemark Tips Site and their Telemark Tips Discussion Forum.

Here's an interesting link to some history of ski (mountaineering) equipment:

Here's Lou Binik's "Foxwear" web site: Be sure to copy or type this correctly. "", "" and "" are all different sites.

Tawna Skinner services cross country skis and equipment. She will also give cross country and telemark ski instruction.
Details are at: 

Pray for snow,
Cliff Keene, Salmon, Idaho

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