Tuesday January 7, 2014 Report - The 5th full report for the 2013 / 2014 year.

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Cross Country Skiers:


If the links in this email don't display properly, copy and paste into your web browser the following web version. The current version of my ski report will always be found at: http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/xcskirpt.htm However this version is also saved as:
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Additional local XC Ski info is available at my main Salmon XC Ski Page at:
http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/cksalxcski.htm (Sections A - D are essentially up to date).

Planned Trips:

I have a cold and won't be able to ski this week or Sunday. Anita Andrus and Tawna Skinner are leading a trip out the Anderson Mtn Road and down the Cabinet Creek Trail.

1. Sunday, Jan 12 meet at the Stagecoach parking lot at 9 AM and the Bitterroot folks can meet us at the Chief Joe parking lot at 10 AM. Note this is an hour earlier than usual due to the longer distance to ski. You will ski up Anderson Mt Road and out Cabinet Creek. This is a longer ski than Richardson Ck. Those wanting a shorter ski can ski at chief Joe or go as far as they want out Anderson and return the same way or on the Ander-Rich trail. We will need a shuttle for Cabinet Ck. Be aware that sometimes they don't plow the Cabinet Cr. Trailhead so may have to park at Richardson Creek and ski back up beside the road about a mile. Mileages can be found at my table at http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/LtCjTrailSegs.htm - or briefly, it's about 4 miles to the Cabinet Cr/May Cr turn-off, 1.5 miles down to the point where the May Creek Trail bears right (and you (the Cabinet Cr Trail goes left), then 0.3 miles the May Cr Ridge Trails goes right, and finally 1.5 miles to the Trailhead and possibly another mile up to the vehicle.

If the weather is very bad or we don't get enough folks for trail breaking, we can always make a different choice of trails at the Chief Joe parking lot. Hope to see you next Sun. Anita Andrus 208-756-4658

One weather forecast for January 12 was as follows: "A chance of snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 24.

Snow Report: (Click Here for links to snow and weather web pages.)

1. Chief Joseph:

Click on the link above and select links for Chief Joseph info. CLICK HERE to go to the Bitterroot XC Ski Club's web page and check on the links at the top of the page for details. There's a good supply of the new 2013/14 Trail Maps in the entrance box. You can also get copies of their map from many vendors in Salmon. Local Map Advertisers with XC Maps include Bertrum's Brewery & Restaurant, Junkyard Bistro, Last Chance Pizza and the Shady Nook Restaurant. Other handy sources of the map include Odd fellow's Bakery, The Salmon-Challis NF main office and North Fork Office, the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce and the "Hub".

One can use the "Saddle Mountain" SNOTEL site as a rough estimate of snow depth at Chief Joseph. Generally CJ is about 8" less than the "Saddle Mtn" SNOTEL. Last Sunday There was 54" at the Saddle Mountain Snotel and it looked like about 3-1/2 at Chief Joe.

Note that the "Saddle Mountain SNOTEL is not on Saddle Mountain. It's located just SW of the Oreo Ski run and just west of the Saddle Mtn Road. For a link to my web page section with links to snow and weather conditions CLICK HERE. Also Click Here to see if there are any more recent reports.

Click Here for conditions at other Montana areas.

It appears that most of the trails are now open in the Sun Valley including Galena Lodge which is now open. Click here for info.

1. William's Creek (You may want to Click Here to view and print out a copy of the map before reading this):
Click Here for a description of, and mileage to the Trailheads. My last on-line report had snow depths at various trailheads. I expect the depth is about the same. (With some new snow and some settling.)



1. Lost Trail is now reporting good snow conditions.

2. I encourage you to join the Bitterroot Cross Country Ski Club. Their year starts on Nov. 1st and dues are $15 for an individual. I've been doing this for several years to help support the club and their excellent work. Click here for the membership application or renewal form.

Sources of Ski Equipment:

1. The REI in Missoula has various ski waxing & other classes.

2. The. Montana Trail Head Store often has used equipment. They also have more information later on the Missoula Ski Swap.

3. Open Road Bicycle in Missoula has Nordic gear

4. Valley Bicycles & Ski at 219 South 1st Street, Hamilton, MT 59840 (406) 363-4428. Was the closest vendor for Nordic ski equipment.

5. The "Hub Bike & Ski Shop in Salmon does Ski tuning & Repairs and has XC Ski rentals,(Click the link for more details.)

6.. Tawna Skinner services cross country skis and equipment. She will also give cross country and telemark ski instruction. Click here for details.

Weather Road & Snow Conditions:

For links to various weather, road or snow condition reports or go to my general ski page.

As stated above, this report is also on the web at: http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/xcskirpt.htm

/s/ Cliff

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1. PLANNED TRIPS: (See above)
3. Ski Trail Condition Reports: WILLIAM'S CR. TRAILS: ,     CHIEF JOSEPH - ANDERSON MT. ROAD AREA:
 4. MISC.:   

INTRODUCTION: To better understand planned trips and previous trip reports, I encourage you to get three maps. Go to the A. INTRODUCTION Section of my Salmon Idaho Cross-Country Ski Web Page for Details.

The current ski report will always be, posted on http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/xcskirpt.htm.

If you want me to make changes on the email list, call me at 208-756-2085 or email me. You can get my email from the messages that I send to you or call me. Currently we have about have about 80 on the list.

See above.

For a short description of previous years ski trips go to the report for the 2011 - 2012 season  Scroll down, or click on the links for the latest and subsequent months for the season. NOTE also that there are links to the reports for trips from 2004 - 2009.




Click Here for the Missoula Nordic Grooming Info page. Scroll down for my latest Chief Joseph Pass report. Also see the link to the Lake Como Trails. Go to my home page at: http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/ and follow the links to more XC Ski info.

Lost Trail Ski Area



Here's a link to a site that describes the TEN ESSENTIALS to carry on the trail. He's added a few additional items:

* Possible Ski Related News:

  The Outdoors Sections of the Missoulian and the Ravalli Republic on-line newspapers often have articles of interest.
  CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Missoulian On-Line. Check out the latest Outdoors News Briefs.
* CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Ravalli Republic.
        Here's an examples of some of their reporting. One is about the Lost Trail Ski Area and some previous changes.

* Here's the NEW WEST SNOWBLOG which may have local skiing info from time to time.
** Click here for wintertime articles by a local reporter.

 CLICK HERE for the Outdoors Section of the Boise Idaho Statesman  * or Click Here for Winter Recreation only.

** Check out the Idaho Summit's Idaho Outdoors Message Forum for some good trip reports.

** Another good site is the Telemark Tips Site and their Telemark Tips Discussion Forum.

Here's an interesting link to some history of ski (mountaineering) equipment:

Here's Lou Binik's "Foxwear" web site:
http://www.foxwear.net/. Be sure to copy or type this correctly. "foxware.net", "foxware.com" and "foxwear.com" are all different sites.

Tawna Skinner services cross country skis and equipment. She will also give cross country and telemark ski instruction.
Details are at: http://home.custertel.net/~ckeene41/TawnaXCski.htm 

Pray for snow,
Cliff Keene, Salmon, Idaho

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