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This document, birdurls.htm, is a list of Nature, Bird watching and related links organized by Cliff Keene Salmon, ID. (See Email Address at bottom of page.) It was edited in 1999, with minor updates in 2000 and 2001. There was a major update the week of May 20, 2005. Except as indicated, all links worked during the week of May 20, 2005. Please let me know of bad links or of needed additions; realizing that the focus is Bird Watching in Idaho and West Central Montana. When there is an asterisk after the description and after the web link, it’s a new link, since 2001. An asterisk after the web link but not after the description indicates that the link is not new, but that the web address has changed since 2001.

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Lines preceded by the I/ footnote are related to Idaho or west central Montana.
Use your "find" feature to go directly to them. Other footnotes are described at the bottom of each table.

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  2. Federal Government, Misc.:
  3. Biology General:
  4. Forestry, Misc.:
  5. USDA Forest Service Sites:
  6. History Links Including Lewis & Clark and Chief Joseph:
  7. Plants and Plant Databases:
  8. Wildlife Refuges & Other Wildlife Areas:
  9. Newsgroup List for Birders:
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Birds & Bird Watching:


Web Page Title or Description

   Web Address / Universal Resource Locator (URL)


A Field Guide to the Birds on the Web


American Birding Association home page


ABA – Checklist of North American Birds * At least 12/2005. *


ABA – Checklist – Updates to List. – To Jan 2006. * *


ABA Area Checklist based on AOU. – To Jan 2006. * *


AOU – Checklist of North American Birds * - As of 2005. *


Birds of Idaho Field Checklist * - Update 07Apr2006. *


Birds of Idaho Field Checklist Same list as above, but this one only to April 2004. * - See comments, listed here in case above site in not available. *


Birds of Montana Field Checklist  To April 2004. * *


Bird Checklist – East Central Idaho - Early 1990’s *
This has been replaced by “Birds Of The Upper Salmon Basin”. However, there is no online version yet. *
Get a copy of the new checklist from the ID Fish & Game, Salmon Region Office, 99 Hwy 93 N., Salmon, ID 83467. 208-756-2271


Birding.Com - Bird Checklists of the World * *


Bird Checklists – Sibley-Monroe, AOU, ABA. *
or Clements list (apparently 2005) * Not working.


Audubon in the state of Idaho


Audubon in the state of Montana - Alternate Link. *


Backyard Birders


Barnet’s Birding Links * *


Bird Checklists of the United States,  *
   Mostly NWR’s, Some statewide lists. *


Bird Resources at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center *


Birding Resources for Beginners  by Cliff Keene * *

2/ /

Bird Song Mnemonics


Bird Songs & Links


Bird Song Recordings & Links  *


Bird Sounds Digitally Recorded


BirdBase + BirdArea Software Also Butterfly/Mammal


Bird Coding Methods & Links


Birder's Mall, Including Software, Books, Optics, etc.


Birding, Missoula & Bitterroot Valley, MT. *
Maps: * - List & descriptions. * - Maps * - Similar to above.*


Birding.Com - Answers To Your Birding Questions
The next site is an example of what’s available. *


Birding.Com Beginning Birding
   - Ten Tips for New Bird Watchers * *


Birding From The Mining Co. Fall Travel, & Links


Birding Checklists - US - Birding Web Links *


Birding Is Cool – Links To Numerous Bird Sites. * *


Birding On The Net (Previously Birding on the Web)
This site has numerous Bird Links. * * Was located at a U Penn.Edu site. - Alternate link. Slightly different format. *


Birding Software


Birding - Welcome To The Mining Co.


BIRDNET all about Ornithology


BIRDNET Bulletin boards for ornithologists


Birds and bird watching in the Pacific *


Bird Source (By Audubon & Cornell Lab.) *


Birds-Zoom School-Enchanted Learn. S.ware


Birdwatching Dot Com - Birds and Birding


Breeding Bird Survey *


Christmas Bird Count *


Christmas Bird Count Status of the CBC DB


Christmas Bird Count – Hist. Data. UGGS Site *


Computer applications in wildlife science


Cornell Lab of Ornithology *


Ducks Unlimited Canada


eBird – Record Your Bird Observations * *


East Coast Birds *


Electronic Resources on Ornithology – Many links. * *


Five Valleys Audubon Society


Great Backyard Bird Count Home Page (GBBC) * *


GBBC Results (Great Backyard Bird Count) *


GEAS (Golden Eagle Audubon Soc, Boise, ID) *


GORP Great Outdoor Recreation Pages Birds


HBW Lynx Links



3/ I/

Idaho Birders Linked Electronically, Yahoo Group *
See footnote 3/ below this table. - Click on “Messages” to see the latest 30 messages. Click on “Previous” to see previous 30 messages, etc. *


Idaho (National Wildlife Refuges) Gorp version.


Idaho Fish & Wildlife Svc. Offices (Wildlife Refuges) *


Bird Links to the World – Idaho * *


Idaho Bird Watching Contacts (Partial list by Region) * *


Idaho Bird Distribution: Mapping by LAT. LONG. * *


Idaho Bird Distribution – CAUTION. This is a similar site to above, but not being kept up to date. * - See comments. I’ve added this link, just in case it does get updated before the above site. *


Idaho Bird Observatory


Idaho Gap Analysis Project. – A long and detailed report, but may be of interest to some. Has bird info. * *


Idaho Hummingbird Research *


Idaho Birds.Net   (A “Must Visit” Site.)
   Your Comprehensive ID Online Bird Resource. *


Idaho Fish and Game WMA's – Good birding sites. Same site, new URL. *


Idaho Non Game Wildlife Books for Sale. Includes several “Must Have” books for Idaho Birders. - Books * - Pubs. *


Idaho Non Game Wildlife Events – Several for 2005 are near Salmon, Challis, and Idaho Falls. * *


Introduction to the Aves


Ivory-billed Woodpecker – Information & Links. * *


JC's BirdWatching and Natural History Links


Journey North pages


Malheur Guide *


Montana Bird Distribution * *


National Audubon Society


Nat. Birding Hotline Cooperative Instructions *


OnLocation(sm) Location Directory


Ornithological Societies of NA (OSNA) *


OSNA Main (Newsletter) *


Inland Northwest Birders On Line This site has more Idaho Postings than the following. * *


Oregon Birders On Line *




Patuxent Bird Identification Info Center * *


Patuxent-Migratory Bird Research Same site, new URL. *


Patuxent's Bird Banding Laboratory Same site, new URL. *


Patuxent-Wildlife Research Center Home Page Same site, new URL. *


PBS Bird Information  *


Peterson Online Birding Links and Resources  *


Peterson Online – Home Page *


Percevia Bird Search Site * *


Real Birds Birding in Idaho (Mostly RBAs)


Seattle Audubon Society (SAS)


Short guide to birding and photos. at Bear River UT *


Swift Instruments, Inc. Home Page


Thayer Birding Software (Also see Birding.Com Sites.) *


The Virtual Birder ®


Tweeters Birding Email *


Rec.Birds Newsgroup _FAQs. Has Some Good General    Bird Watching Frequently Asked Questions. *


WBU Feeder Cam Home


Where do you want to go Birding in the USA


Where do you want to go birding in Idaho – This was a good site but several of her links are old. I’ll send her an Email soon so she can update her links. *


Yahoo Birds Directory * *

2/ Bird Song Mnemonics is a neat site. However it had been “down” for awhile so I made a MS Excel copy. I can mail it to anyone that might be interested if the link goes down again.
3/ This is the “Idaho Birders Linked Electronically”, Ible Yahoo Discussion Group web site. This is a discussion forum for all of Idaho. To read messages on this web site, simply click on “Messages” and you’ll see a display of about 30 messages. You can organize them by date (the default, or by “Thread” which will list message replies under the original message. You can click on any message to read its contents, or select “Expand” to read all 30 messages. Anybody can read the messages, but to answer or post a new message, you must register. You may select several message options; ranging from receiving the messages via email to just reading them on the web site. I prefer to just read them on the web. I recommend that all serious Idaho Birders join this group, it's free.

Federal Government, Misc.:


Bureau of Land Mgmt (BLM) National - Appears to be temporarily down. *




Federal Recreation Sites Idaho. Includes NWR’s but not some other good birding sites. See more below. * *


Federal Wildlife Viewing Sites –  Idaho. Appears to have similar type sites, but different than above. *. *


US Fish & Wildlife Service (Administers NWR’s)


US Geological Survey


National Park Service

Biology General:


EEBWEB - Title Page


The Butterfly Website *


Tom Volk's Fungi – Link doesn’t work. I’ll try and get a Fungi link later.


UofCal NP Flora & Fauna DB

Forestry, Misc.:





Society of American Foresters Welcomes You


The Idaho Forest A Miracle at Work


The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research


The World-Wide Web Virt. Lib. Forestry Pubs.


USDA Forest Service - Forestry - Net Links


Forestry - Welcome to the Mining Co.

USDA Forest Service Sites:


Pacific NW Insect & Disease. *


St. Paul Field Office FS Div of State & Pvt. Forestry *


USDA Forest Service Home Page


Forest Management Service Center


National Interagency Fire Center *


Science Direct Digital Library & Search Site *

4/ I/

Bitterroot National Forest *


Sawtooth National Forest Home Page *


Salmon-Challis National Forest Home

2/ This site has the best summary of Western Forest Insect & Disease information. Some of the data is at their own web site and some of it via links to the St. Paul Field Office.
3/ This site is one of the best in the Forest Service. Click on "ON-LINE PUBLICATIONS" and select an on-line version of "Silvics of North America", which has information on almost all NA trees. This site also has many "Forest Insect & Disease" publications (See note for previous site)
4/ This site has some Lewis and Clark information.

History Links Including Lewis & Clark and Chief Joseph: - Most of the links I had previously were changed and I haven’t had time to add new links for 2005. I expect that you can find lots more sites with a Google search.


Lewis and Clark Nat. Historic Trail home page


Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation


Pioneer Trail Research - Steve F. Russell


The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee

Plants and Plant Databases:
(Some of these are subsets of links in other tables)


Botany – About Dot Com *. *


Cal Photos **
They usually have similar (not always the exact) species as ours. **


Google Image Search **
Type in a scientific name (from other sites)  for plant photos. **


Idaho Conservation Data Center**
Click on the Plants or Plant Types Link. **


Idaho Mountain Wildflowers *
Plants near Sun Valley found over 6,0001 elev. Good list. *
List is by Scientific Name. Alternatively click on Common Name or Plant Families links.


Landscaping with Native Plants of the Intermountain Region * *


Nature Serve Explorer – Species & Communities Database *
You’ll Normally want to click on the “Get Data” Link. ** **


Pacific Northwest Plant Links * *


Plants of the Bitterroot N.F. * *


PLANTS National Database Home Page *


Trees of The Pacific NW – A Key * *


Silvics of North America  - Good Info. on Forest Trees.

2/ Plant names often change. This is probably the best national source for current and previous plant names.

Wildlife Refuges & Other Wildlife Areas:

To me it seems to be very difficult to access a given wildlife refuge from the National Fish and Wildlife homepage, so I've added some links to help. There are some non USF&WL links as well.


Bear River National Wildlife Refuge, Utah *


Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Home Page


GORP - Camas National Wildlife Refuge *


GORP - Idaho National Wildlife Refuges


GORP - Malheur National Wildlife Refuge


GORP - US Wildlife Areas


Grays Lake Ecosystem – USGS Site. * *


Idaho Fish & Wildlife Svc. Offices (Wildlife Refuges) *


Idaho Fish and Game WMA's *


Lodging in MT ~ Teller Wildlife Refuge


Malheur Guide


Malheur National Wildlife Refuge USFWS

I/ 3/

Montana (Fish & Wildlife Svc. Offices (NWR’s) *


Refuge Addresses


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Pacific Region. *

2/ This is the only "official" site for SE Idaho NWRs and it does not seem to be listed in National or Regional sites.
Montana is in a different Region than Idaho. Several of the western MT NWRs have web sites and are listed here.
4/ Use this link to find any ID, OR, or WA sites not listed above, such as Kootenai, Turnbull, etc.

Newsgroup List for Birders:
The following is a list of links to some newsgroups of possible interest to birdwatchers. Refer to the BirdNewsgroups.doc "USENET Newsgroups for Birdwatchers" document for instructions:

Rec Birds newsgroup


USENET FAQs - rec.birds

GPS newsgroup




The following have only been checked for the existence of messages, not the quality or quantity:


Web based Newsgroup "Readers": - The links have been updated for 2005, but some instructions may be out of date.
There used to be several web sites that specialized in searching and reading USENET Newsgroup messages.
Two "Newsgroup Websites" are as follows:
     One was called Deja News – But that’s been replaced by Google Groups.
 - This searches newsgroups.
 - This allows one to access the latest posts in a given group, but on the web..

     The second one that I used to use was Supernews but I see that it’s now a charge site.

To find a list of newsgroups that relate to the Microsoft Access Database, search for "Communities" with the words "microsoft access" (without the quotes). Then navigate to the Deja News "Power Search" feature. This feature is generally better for searching for specific messages because you can search in only one newsgroup if you wish. Note that Deja News calls newsgroups "Forums". A Newsgroups.htm "USENET Newsgroups for Birdwatchers" is in progress and it will explain newsgroups and mailing lists in more detail.

Mailing Lists:
Mailing lists are electronic bulletin boards related to a certain subject. They are often called "Listservs". You "subscribe" to a mailing list and then get email messages from others on the list. They will be discussed in more detail in another document. Note that the - IBLE birds is technically not a newsgroup or a listserv, but can be used just like one or the other or both.

Viewing & Printing Instructions: - Now applies to the 2005 edition for the most part.

Select a link in the right column of any of the above tables and you'll go to that site. Hit the "Back Button" on your Web Browser to return to this document. If you wish to open a new window, do a "Right Click" and select "Open in New Window" and when done, close that window. Depending on the font selected and margins selected in "Page Setup" this will probably exceed 7 pages when printed. Prior to final printing you may want to only print 1 or 2 pages to make sure it will print as you expect. Unfortunately you probably won’t be able to change the text display size with. MS Internet Explorer (MSIE) as one used to be able to. Previously to print this one needed to set top and bottom margins to .75" and left and right margins to .4". I haven’t checked it with the new 2005 format. Printing is probably best in black & white with printing of background color disabled.

You can scroll up and down in this document but the Links in the introduction will save you time. When you select one of the "Web Site Categories" you can hit the "Back Button" on your browser to return to the category list.
Footnotes are in the first column of each table and are defined at the bottom of that table.
Lines preceded by the I/ footnote are related to Idaho or west central Montana.

Editing: This was last edited with MS Word - Office 2003 Version. It works easier than the previous Office 97 and it gives the ability to set the table width so that it floats with the window size. If one views in a window that’s not full size the table will shrink to fit the window, so you do not need to scroll to the right to see the entire table. However the table will not display well unless the window is close to maximum size. Previously it was possible to go in the source code and edit that. It’s still possible to do that, but much harder because the new Office 2003 version of word adds lots more formatting codes. However, now it’s much easier to get the page to look like you want it. The downside is that the viewer doesn’t have the option to change the text size. I notice that the font is a little small, but I don’t have the time to adjust it to a large size at this time. If you want to edit this with a new version of Word, it should be possible. You can save this as an html (or .htm) document and edit it for your own use. Please acknowledge the source. To edit the file, open it with MSIE and then select File and Edit with Microsoft Word. You can also open word and do a File Open and select the file.

Author and Source Information:

Web Location: *

Alt. Web Location: 2/ Select the BirdUrls.htm File.*

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06/13/2006 01:55 AM Corrected Idaho related links. Others need to be checked.

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05/20/2005 21:30 PM

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*   Email is: ckeene41-b4 followed by an @ and then
(Cliff Keene, 1405 Tendoy Ave, Salmon, ID 83467)

2/ One must "join" the (Idaho Birders Linked Electronically) “Ible” Yahoo Group to access this site. See the Birds section for the Ible Discussion Page (open to all).

Note: An * indicates a change since last revision, and ** indicates a minor change not listed as a revision.